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Not that many people here care, but my photography uploading at dA is now on a "permenant hiatus" - instead, I'll be posting my photos elsewhere, on a different site. I won't post the address to it here, but feel free to note me or something if you want it. *

Check it out! I've already posted all my decent pics from France on there, which is more than I can ever say for having gotten around to doing on dA... ^_^;

*Eh, nevermind. I need the hits, anyway. XD
I'm going Flickr!
I'm sure everyone missed me, right? :sarcasm:

Well, looks like I gotta get cracking now.

I miss France.
Farewell, all! I am leaving tomorrow morning (April 1st) for spring break! And guess where I'm headed?




...FRANCE! At last, I'm out of this country! WHOOT! :w00t:
I should have lots of good pictures by the time I get back, that's for sure. Speaking of which, I'll get back to the US on the 10th, but back home on the 11th.

Au revoir!

Yesterday was busy, to say the least.

1. Piano Competition (National Federation of Music Clubs); 11:15-11:45 AM
Phew...the shortest, and most tiring, thing I did. Played my two songs, and got a "Superior" -- the highest possible grade. Needless to say, I'm happy about that. ^_^

2. Worked on demonstration speech's poster
Oy. Also tiring. Came out looking rather nice, though. I got to learn how to use a die-cut machine, too. ...Thank God it's done...
Anyone want to learn how to make lemon balm tea? ^_^;

3. Laundry's not much I can say about this.

Over and out,
-- Kay Webb
I have reached a conclusion.

No one reads these things.


At least, no one that actually comments. Which just happens to be my indicator of whether or not someone actually read what I wrote. Gah.

Alright, it's official. If I feel like posting an essay, I'm going to post an essay! No one can stop me! Mwahaha! In fact, I think I'm going to do that right now.

I have a few "Winter/Spring Transition" photos I'll upload, soon as I can get my computer to cooperate long enough for me to crop them properly...

I have a "comment return" policy. Comment on something, and I'll reply to it, comment on one of YOUR things, or both (if you leave a really good comment). Any takers...?

-- Kay Webb
I really need to update more often. ANYway!

Dec. 22nd = :rose: :missmisery: PHANTOM MOVIE! Whee! I can't wait; I'm going to see it with a friend...phandom, much?

As I haven't taken any photos in a while (and haven't drawn anything decent in ages), should I upload some essays? Does anyone actually READ essays? They're not boring (at least, I don't THINK they're boring)... Can I please get someone's opinion? Anyone's? Please?

Well, if ANYONE wants to see ANYTHING, please let me know! I may not acquiesce your request(s) -- say, if you ask me to post something rediculous, tasteless, or illegial -- but I'd like to hear from someone, at least! :shrug:

-- Kay Webb
Ah, it seems my account is finally shaping up. Just have to add a journal entry, and...there! Now for this special announcement:

Yes, I have more to post than just photographs. No, they may not be here anytime soon. I have a PLAN, you see. I'm not just haphazardly posting things.

I have a lot of past projects that I'm going to post, and I'm going through the various categories (photography, drawings, poetry, prose, etc.) one at a time. So you'll see a ton of photographs one week, a ton of essays after that, then lots of poetry, then some drawings, then get the idea.
After I have all the past projects that I care to display posted, everything will fall into a more regulated schedule, with things posted as I come up with them, and regular, normal journal entries, such as found below:

Yay! I have a plan now! Plans are helpful. Plans are fun! I like plans. Do YOU like plans?


Right. :movingon:
I've talked enough here... :sprint:

Over and out!

-- Kay Webb